Deliver Flyers, Specials, New Product Ideas, Clearance Items and Announcements to the Promotional Products Industry in North America. We provide over 120,000 Distributor addresses in USA and 9,000 in CDA, totaling over 130,000 addresses.

ECS provides secure Data Bases for Distributors to load, manage and maintain email lists for forwarding Supplier Flyers and to send your own Flyers to your customers.

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The ECS Commitment

ECS GLOBAL & GO GLOBAL SOURCE are committed to providing the Promotional Products Industry with the fastest and most recent product information from participating suppliers and manufacturers in Canada and USA *** AND *** Distributors can forward Flyers to their customers "Forward Client Version" (Located at the top and bottom of each Flyer.) OR Distributors can build and send your own Flyer.

Participating companies can add their own addresses to our extensive lists in order to not only reach your customers but to create new business opportunities with companies working in the Promotional Products Industry. ECS will send Flyers for you or you can use our systems to manage your email and manage your own marketing program.

Promotional Products Industry.

If you have received an e-mail Flyer you are a recognized distributor or supplier in the Promotional Products Industry in North America.

Frequency Of Use.

We recommend that users of E-Blaster systems send no more than two blasts per month.

Flyer Forwarding.

Distributors can forward any suppliers Flyer to their customers. All supplier information is removed by the system and replaced by the Distributors information (as provided). All responses go to you. Click "Forward Client Version" (top and bottom of any Flyer).

Security & Privacy

All information and email is stored at bank level security and is held for your exclusive use. Your information is your property and a valuable resource to your business and as such will not be given, sold or rented. Disclosure of your information is completely restricted to your use unless ordered by the courts.

"Non Disclosure" & "Intellectual Property"

ECS & GGSRC employees who manage your information sign both "Non Disclosure" & "Intellectual Property" agreements and are held personally liable for their actions while employed by ECS GLOBAL. Employees will only use your information as directed by you or your designate. Instruction for ECS GLOBAL to act on your behalf must be received at our office at sales@ecsglobal.com and must be sent from your personal email account.

Remove Me From Your List

Should you choose not to receive Flyers you can remove yourself from a list by clicking "REMOVE ME" (Located at top and bottom of each Flyer) then click "YES" on the next screen. Your email is now permanently removed from this list and cannot be added again.

Remove Me From All Lists

If you wish to be removed from all lists please contact sales@ecsglobal.com Please indicate "Remove from all suppliers".

Remove Not Working

If you continue to receive Flyers after requesting to be removed please contact sales@ecsglobal.com OR Toll Free: 1-866-927-1824 indicating you are still getting Flyers. Please forward all flyers that you have received so we can track the problem. Your concern will be handled immediately. Our intention is to provide industry information to only those who choose to receive it. We appreciate your patience and assistance where problems occur.


Should you receive information in bad taste please forward that email to ECS Offices in Toronto, ON, Canada. Attention: abuse@ecsglobal.com. We will act on your behalf and within "Federal Trade Commission" policy guidelines as documented within Anti-Spam Legislation for North America. ECS reserves the right to remove any user from our systems who chooses to act in bad taste.


ECS GLOBAL is not responsible for the abuse or misuse of E-Blaster Systems; however, we will act upon your complaint as in the section on Abuse.



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